Real Estate

The firm is involved in all types of conveyancing issues, representing both buyers and sellers. Attorneys Fedele and Riccio are also licensed real estate brokers and, thus, can provide insight as to ideas our clients may wish to consider when selling a property.

The firm can provide advice concerning purchase and sale agreements, from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. It is always advisable to have such an agreement reviewed prior to signing. While most agreements are based upon a relatively “standard” form, these agreements often are modified to favor either the buyer or seller, depending upon which party drafts the agreement. Frequently, addenda are attached to the standard, pre-printed forms commonly used. These addenda can significantly alter the terms of the agreement and should be reviewed carefully. It should be noted that Massachusetts requires that an attorney oversee closings – the transaction which effectuates the sale of real estate.

While the purchase and sale agreement is a very important document with respect to the purchase or sale of real estate, it also is important to have any offer to purchase agreement reviewed prior to making the offer (as a buyer) or accepting the offer (as a seller). While the common practice in Massachusetts is to use a “simple” offer to purchase agreement to set forth the basic elements of a proposed purchase and sale, followed by execution of the more detailed Purchase and sale agreement, in Massachusetts the offer to purchase can be a legally binding document. Often, such an offer to purchase may not afford either the buyer or seller enough protection should issues arise in the course of intended transaction. Because Offers to Purchase are simplified summaries of the intended seller, purchaser, price and dates, many Issues are typically not addressed by the Offer that might be important. Thus, having an Offer reviewed by an attorney at Fedele and Murray can be most beneficial.

Our firm also can assist with the transfer of titles to real estate into estate planning trusts or into joint names after a marriage. Additionally, our firm is cognizant of the tax ramifications from sales of real estate and can provide guidance in that regard.

Guarding Your Real Estate Investments In Massachusetts

Fedele and Murray, P.C., has practiced in Massachusetts for over 40 years, and our attorneys understand the value of real estate investments in the Baystate. To schedule a real estate consultation, call us in Norwood at 781-551-5900 or send us an email.